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Score a Private Jet to Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII is set to take place on February 12, 2023 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. As the biggest event of the year for football fans, the Super Bowl is also a time to jet set and take in the game from a more luxurious vantage point.


If you’re considering traveling to Arizona for the most popular sports event in the USA, make your arrival grand by chartering an aircraft! If you’re on the fence about charting a private jet to this sporting event, here’s a few reasons why you may consider this luxurious travel option.

You can tailor your flight completely to your schedule

Have you ever searched for flights online and had trouble finding one that’s timing worked out for you? That situation happens often, causing you to have to change your plans to work around the flight schedule. With a private jet, there’s no need to work around a set flight schedule, because you get to make the rules. So if your plan is to travel to Arizona the day before the Super Bowl, and leave to return home right after the game ends, you get to create the schedule that works for you.

Avoid the crowds of other Super Bowl fans

If you’re considering traveling from out of state for the biggest sporting event in America, that means thousands of other super-fans are thinking the same thing. With an increased amount of people headed towards Glendale, it can lead to increased crowds at the airport for the same travel dates. When traveling private, you also get access to a comfortable private lounge, allowing you to skip the lines at the airport and practically just walk onto the plane!

Fly as close to your location as possible

When looking for commercial flights for your travels to Super Bowl LVII, you’ll be searching for flights to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, located approximately 20 miles from State Farm Stadium. One of the benefits of chartering a private jet is the ability to fly into smaller, closer airports to your destination. Consider selecting Glendale Municipal Airport as your preferred location, only 2 miles from the stadium - lessening your travel time!


If you’ve officially decided on renting a private jet for the big day, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • For starters, it's important to book early. The closer it gets to the Super Bowl, the more expensive rates will become.

  • Take note of special event fees. It's also important to be flexible with your dates as well as neighboring airports. By following these tips, you'll be sure to score an amazing deal on a private jet for the big game.

  • One of the most important tips to scoring a private jet for the Super Bowl is booking as far in advance as possible. Ideally, finding a reasonable fare two to three weeks ahead of the game should be enough time to cash in on some great deals. You should also be aware of special event fees. Companies know that travel during special events such as the Super Bowl, NCAA Tournament, and the World Series will be in high demand, so they often tack on a surcharge to the base rate. To avoid this, be sure to book your private jet a few weeks in advance, so you don't have to worry about any extra fees.

  • It's also important to be flexible with your travel dates and destination. Many people flock to the city of the game the day of the big day, resulting in a spike in prices. To avoid this, consider flying in the day before and using neighboring airports. For example, if you are flying to Dallas for the Super Bowl, consider booking a private jet to a nearby airport such as Oklahoma City. This can help you save a lot of money as well as put you in a prime position for the game. Remember, it's not only important to be flexible with your dates but also with your destination. By being open to different possibilities, you can score an amazing deal for your private jet for the Super Bowl.


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