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Private Charter vs. Commercial Airlines?

When comparing the pros and cons of chartering a private jet and flying commercially, cost is the first difference to come to mind. It’s a no-brainer that flying private is a great deal of money, but there are a handful of other reasons why travelers would choose private over commercial airlines.



What are the steps for booking travel on commercial airlines? The process begins with a travel search engine, where you enter the nearest major city that you’ll be departing from, the major city you’re traveling to, and your preferred travel dates. From there, you’ll find different airlines that are servicing that route, all at different times of that day. You choose which schedule works best for your trip and officially book your plane tickets. The downsides of this? Your commercial flight can be leaving from an airport hours away from you, and the flight times offered for your desired departure date could not be favorable at all - leading to booking a trip for a completely different date.

With private charter, you aren’t bound to set flight times and airports. A great benefit to private jet travel is that you have the ability to request departure from smaller airports as well, which may be closer to you and your destination than the major airports that commercial airlines travel to. If you’re looking to land at your destination at a specific time, that’s no problem at all - private jet charter allows you to create your own schedule and determine exactly when you want to fly.

Skip The Lines

Flying on commercial airlines can be exhausting, starting from the minute you begin packing. It’s always a hassle figuring out what you can or can’t bring on the plane, attempting to fit your belongings into one carry-on, and planning what time to arrive at the airport to go through security. With commercial travel, there are times that you may arrive at the airport 5 hours in advance to ensure you get through security in time for your flight.

Private charter allows for a smoother, quicker, pre-flight experience. Private aircrafts depart from their own private terminals, meaning you won’t have to go through typical airport security. There’s no need to allot hours of time to go through the airport when traveling by private jet, because you will have the ability to walk right onto the plane with ease, and in as little as 30 minutes before take off!

When traveling by private jet, there’s no need to limit what goes in your luggage and how many bags to bring. Private charter aircrafts have weight limits for luggage instead of bag limits, meaning you can bring aboard as many suitcases as your plane can handle (by weight!) There are no restrictions for traveling with liquids, and private charter even allows you to travel with larger items such as sports equipment, large electronics, and more!

Luxury In The Sky

Let’s face it - commercial aircrafts are not known to be the most comfortable. Many travelers dread flying because of the uncomfortable seating arrangements, lackluster service onboard the plane, and just the idea of being in close quarters with hundreds of other people isn’t something to get excited about. Sure, there is the opportunity to purchase seats with more legroom, or even business and first class seating that can ensure no one encroaches on your personal space - but it doesn't guarantee a comfortable, luxury experience.

When flying by private jet, your definition of luxury travel is redefined. Aside from having an entire aircraft to yourself and your travel companions, the in-flight crew is completely focused on you and your needs. Many private charter aircrafts offer the choice of premium food and beverages, or even the option to schedule catering prior to departure!


The next time you’re booking travel, whether it be for a vacation or business trip, be sure to think about all your needs. If you’re looking to streamline your travel experience and fly in a more productive, stress-free manner, private jet charter should be your go-to. If you want to hear more about the benefits of flying private, reach out to the travel experts at The Flight King to learn more and get a quote for your next trip!


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