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Is First Class Worth It in 2023?

First class suite on Singapore Airlines

When it comes to air travel, there are generally three classes of service: economy, business, and first. While economy and first class are quite different, business class is often considered a step up from economy, but not quite as luxurious as first class.

When looking online and coming across the different prices of flight classes, it can be confusing having to figure out which would be the most ideal booking for your family. Good thing luxury flights are what The Flight King is known for, so we have tons of knowledge on business and first class and how to determine which would be the best option for your next trip.

Both business and first are premium booking classes for airlines, but they do offer different seating and amenities depending on the airline. First class flights are often considered a luxury for those who can afford it. But is the added cost worth it?


Business class seating on Qatar Airways QSuites

Business class and first class are luxury, premium cabins on an aircraft that are much different from typical economy seating. On premium cabins, the seating offers more legroom, better in-flight cuisine, and an overall higher quality of service. But what exactly is the difference between business and first class on long haul flights?

The difference between business and first class is dependent on the airline, as some airlines and aircrafts may not offer first class. On flights when both premium cabins are offered, first class ranks higher than business class - and the price tag can reflect that.

First class flights are considered the most luxurious option for air travel. They offer the most space and comfort, with larger seats, more legroom, and more recline options. Some first class seats even convert into fully flat beds, allowing you to sleep comfortably on long flights. First class passengers also have access to exclusive lounges and other amenities at the airport, such as priority check-in and baggage handling. In addition, first class passengers often have access to a dedicated flight attendant who can attend to their needs throughout the flight.

Business class flights, on the other hand, offer a more premium experience than economy class but not as luxurious as first class. Business class seats are typically larger and more comfortable than economy seats, with more legroom and recline options. Business class passengers also have access to exclusive lounges and other airport amenities, but not as much as first class. In-flight service is also generally better for business class passengers, with more options for meals and other amenities.

One of the biggest differences between first class and business class is the cost. First class tickets are often significantly more expensive than business class tickets. A round-trip first class ticket from New York to London could cost several thousand dollars more than a round-trip business class ticket. However, the cost difference may vary depending on the airline and route.

Another difference is the level of luxury, first class will offer more luxurious amenities compared to business class like private suites, shower spa, and more personalized service.


First class seating on Emirates

First class offers more comfort, privacy, and service than any other class of travel. First class seats are typically larger and more luxurious than business class oftentimes with more recline options and privacy. This is truly dependent on the airline, and the best example of this can be seen on Singapore Airlines’ A380 aircraft.

While on Singapore Airlines’ A380, there are both business and first class seating options. Business class on this aircraft boasts a lay-flat reclining seat and privacy from other passengers. But what if you don’t want to have to sleep in your reclining seat? If that’s the case, then a first class suite may be the choice for you. Instead of being confined to a smaller, reclining seat, Singapore Airlines provides the option of having your own private hotel room in the sky. You can find a traditional airline seat alongside a separate bed. You can also find more privacy in this first class suite, as the full length doors and window blinds create your own personal room.

Another reason why you may want to choose a first class cabin instead of business class may be the dedicated luxury service. First class passengers would be given priority when it comes to meal service and in-flight amenities, and even sometimes a dedicated flight attendant of their own. Business class still has priority over economy cabin passengers, but first class will always be the highest ranking.

It’s important to note that perks and amenities can vary widely depending on the airline and the route. Some airlines offer more luxurious first class experiences than others, and the amenities can be quite different on international flights compared to domestic flights. Oftentimes, business class can be just as luxurious as first class.


In conclusion, whether first class flights are worth the cost depends on your individual preferences and travel needs. If you're looking for the most luxurious and comfortable experience with the best service, first class flights may be the best option. However, if you're looking for a more premium experience without breaking the bank, business class may be a better option. Ultimately, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of first class flights and consider your budget before making a decision.


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