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Best Holiday Travel Hack of 2022

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Time is running out if you’re in search of travel deals for this holiday season. With the holidays quickly approaching, this travel season is anticipated to be the busiest yet post COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel fares are always changing; they are extremely volatile and follow the laws of supply and demand. According to booking engine Hopper, “Significant factors including jet fuel prices, fewer flights scheduled and two years of pent up holiday travel demand will combine this year to drive Thanksgiving and Christmas airfares to their highest in the last 5 years.” So, how can travelers find the best deals when searching for airfare during the holiday season?

The Flight King compares fluctuating travel fares to the stock market and strongly advises against searching for deals without expert assistance, especially for holiday travel.

The travel industry implements complex algorithms that can track even the slightest activities by potential customers, even the amount of times a travel route has been searched. Depending on the amount of times the individual searches their travel, airlines and hotels can change their pricing. By working with a travel agency like The Flight King, you are receiving deeply discounted fare prices and personalized itineraries within minutes – without the added stress and constant refreshing of airfare websites.

Photo of Virgin Atlantic Business Class Cabin, courtesy of NerdWallet


When is the best time to book flights for the holidays? NOW!

As you get closer to your travel date, the fares of tickets tend to increase. The more booking engines see that you express interest in certain flights, airfares will increase. Stop waiting and start booking!

Where are the most popular destinations? Everywhere!

As stated in Hopper’s 2022 Holiday Travel Outlook, “...about half of all bookings made for Christmas are for domestic trips, while closer to 60% of Thanksgiving trips are for domestic destinations.” This means that no matter where you are planning to travel to - this season is going to be BUSY.

What if I’m not able to book my flights until last minute? Flight King is still able to help!

If you’re in search of a last minute flight, The Flight King is able to help. As you get closer to your travel date, the fares for tickets tend to increase. By working with The Flight King, who has a tapped-in access to unsold inventory for their clients, they can provide pricing for significantly less than the published fare.

The Flight King specializes in (but not limited to) last-minute bookings and deeply discounted fares. If you’re looking to find the best discounts on your holiday travel with little to no work, be sure to reach out to them to start your travel search.


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