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There are few cities in America that garner as much interest as San Francisco. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the open-minded community, and the global dominance in terms of technology startups make this somewhere that attracts all sorts of people to its shores.

If you’re one of those, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do, so we thought we’d lay out some of the best things you can do in San Francisco and how to get your air travel sorted for going in and out.


No trip to this city would be complete without doing some or all of the following:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge is a globally recognized symbol and it’s certainly something that you’ll want to see in person. It’s as magnificent a bridge as one can hope for and the pictures are just never going to do it justice. If you want to get the full experience, rent a bicycle from a nearby shop and ride over the bridge to the other side. Highly recommended.

  • One of the things that makes San Francisco so special is the diversity that you’ll see throughout its various suburbs. Each little area of the city is a microcosm that brings its own flavor, way of life, and excitement to the table. So, just by meandering through suburb by suburb, you’ll find yourself surprised by how much life and vitality oozes out of the pores of the city.

  • Fisherman’s Wharf is a favorite spot for many because it provides an idyllic seafront experience complete with amazing food, music, and entertainment galore. Take your time walking through what’s on offer and don’t miss out on the famous clam chowder which might just take your breath away.

  • Alcatraz is potentially the most famous prison in the world and when you’re in San Francisco, it’s just a short ferry ride away. Take a tour here and hear the stories of one of the most bizarre human experiments that we’ve ever been through as a species. It’s one for the books.

  • Another great experience is to explore Chinatown, the largest of its kind anywhere outside Asia. San Francisco acted as the first landing point for many Chinese people moving across the world, and so the culture is heavily entrenched in the city. You’ll find plenty of mouth-watering food, fascinating wares, and a sensory experience that you won’t forget quickly.

  • San Francisco’s food scene is renowned around the world and so you should definitely try and see if you can explore some of the best restaurants in the city.These include San Ho Won, Chezchez, The Vault Steakhouse, and Estiatorio Ornos amongst others. You won’t be disappointed, trust us.

Those are just a few of the things that are worth doing in San Francisco, but don't worry - there is more than enough to keep you busy. Now, how do you get there?

Image by Jack Nagz
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Image by Vladimir Kudinov
San Francisco
Colorful Houses


If you’re arriving from another international destination then it’s most likely that you’ll be flying into San Francisco International Airport.  The other two major airports there are Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport and Oakland International Airport.

Locally, there are a range of different private airfields where you can charter private jet services from us here at The Flight King.  We can offer private rentals on everything from light jets like the Beechjet 400 all the way up to the beast that is a Challenger 604.  All of these jets operate throughout some of the most popular private airfields like Monterey Regional Airport, Napa County Airport, Buchanan Field Airport, and Hayward Executive Airport to name a few.  Each of these is located in a different area around San Francisco which means that you can land as close as possible to where you’re going, minimizing the amount of traffic you need to fight through.

We can help you plan a suitable private jet charter experience that works for your specific needs and deliver it seamlessly, so you don’t have to worry about anything.  Let us find the perfect combination of aircraft and airport to ensure that you maximize your time in San Francisco, the city that has transformed the world.

Be sure to get in touch and lets see how we can help!

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