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Work Hard, Play Hard: The Ultimate Guide to Bleisure Travel

Do you find yourself traveling frequently for business, with no time for vacation? As much as we love jet-setting to new cities for work, it can be challenging to squeeze in time for leisure activities. That's where bleisure travel comes in! Bleisure travel, a growing trend combining business and leisure, is a growing trend among professionals who combine their business trips with leisure activities. Rather than rushing to and from meetings, bleisure travelers extend their stays to explore the city, unwind, and make the most of their time away from the office.


Bleisure travel has quickly become a popular choice for business travelers who want to make the most out of their trips. By extending their stays and taking the time to explore their destinations, bleisure travelers can break up the monotony of business travel and add some excitement to their trips.

Additionally, bleisure travel offers professionals a chance to strike a better work-life balance. Rather than sacrificing their personal time for work, bleisure travelers can have the best of both worlds. They can complete their business obligations while still having the opportunity to experience new cultures, foods, and activities.

Not only does bleisure travel benefit the individual traveler, but it can also benefit companies. Employees who feel more fulfilled and energized due to their bleisure travel experiences may be more productive and engaged at work. Additionally, bleisure travel can be a cost-effective option for companies, as employees can take advantage of weekends and off-peak travel times to save on airfare and hotel costs.


Combining business and leisure travel allows you to see and experience more of the world. When traveling for work, we often only see the inside of an office or conference room, but with bleisure travel, we have the chance to explore new places and cultures.

Bleisure travel also provides an opportunity to take a break from work and recharge our batteries. Furthermore, by exploring a new city, travelers can gain new perspectives and cultural insights, which can be beneficial in their work It can be challenging to maintain productivity when traveling for business, as we often work long hours and are away from home. However, by adding a few extra days to your trip for leisure, you can give yourself time to relax and unwind. A study by the Global Business Travel Association found that bleisure travelers were more likely to return to work feeling refreshed and energized, which can lead to improved work performance..

You're also given the opportunity to build stronger relationships with colleagues or clients when venturing outside of the office space. By spending time exploring what new cities have to offer, you can get to know your colleagues or clients on a more personal level. This can help to build trust and camaraderie, which can ultimately lead to more successful business relationships.

Cost Savings

Bleisure travel not only allows professionals to explore a new city but it can also be a cost-effective way to travel. By extending a business trip, travelers can save on costs such as transportation, accommodation, and meals. For instance, flights and hotels are usually more expensive when booking at the last minute, but by planning ahead and extending a trip, travelers can save on airfare and enjoy lower rates on accommodation.

Since your company is likely covering the cost of your flights and accommodation for the business portion of your trip, adding a few extra days can often be done at little to no additional cost. By extending the trip and adding leisure activities, the traveler can pay for the additional expenses incurred while the company covers the costs of the original business travel. This means that travelers can take advantage of the company’s budget while still being able to enjoy their time off.

By extending a business trip, travelers can avoid the need to take additional time off work for a vacation. This means that they can enjoy leisure time without sacrificing valuable work time, which can be especially beneficial for busy professionals.


When spending a majority of your year traveling to and from different cities for work, getting on a plane for vacation is the last thing you want to do.

The whole point of adding leisure activities to your business trip is to make the most of your time in a new city. You don't want to be stuck in meetings or tied to a strict schedule that leaves no room for fun.

One way to be flexible is to plan ahead. Before your trip, do some research on the destination and make a list of activities you'd like to do. This way, you can easily fit in some fun between work commitments. You can also consider booking your flights and accommodations with a more flexible itinerary, such as choosing to arrive a few days earlier or departing a few days later. This way, you have more time to explore the city and can avoid the stress of rushing to make your business meetings.

Another way to add flexibility to your bleisure trip is to be open to spontaneous opportunities. Sometimes the best experiences happen when you least expect them, and by being open to trying new things, you might just stumble upon a hidden gem. For example, you may meet a local who invites you to a great restaurant or suggests a scenic hike that you didn't know about. By being open-minded and saying yes to new experiences, you can make the most of your time in the city.

It's also important to be flexible with your schedule. While it's tempting to plan out every minute of your trip, it's important to leave some room for unexpected delays or last-minute changes. This is especially important when traveling for business, as meetings can run long or unexpected emergencies can arise. By leaving some wiggle room in your schedule, you can avoid the stress of having to cancel plans or rush to make appointments.


As the world becomes more globalized, businesses are expanding their operations to new countries and regions. Bleisure travel allows professionals to immerse themselves in new cultures and gain a deeper understanding of international markets. This knowledge can be invaluable in developing business strategies and partnerships in different regions.

Bleisure travel is an increasingly popular choice for business travelers who want to balance their work obligations with their personal lives. By taking advantage of the opportunities for leisure activities in their destinations, bleisure travelers can have enriching experiences that benefit both themselves and their employers. As companies continue to expand their operations globally, bleisure travel will likely become an even more essential tool for building international business relationships.

If you find yourself frequently traveling for work, consider incorporating some leisure time into your next trip and experience the benefits of bleisure travel for yourself.

When planning your next business trip, be sure to contact The Flight King. Not only can we find you some great deals on airfare and hotels, we can assist in planning your next bleisure trip and ensure you have enough time for both work and play.


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