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Plan Accordingly For Thanksgiving - America’s Busiest Travel Week

Thanksgiving is just over a week away, so a majority of families are already packed and ready to travel. For those who are waiting until the last minute to book a trip to hopefully find a better deal, the time to book is sooner rather than later.


With Thanksgiving being predicted as the busiest holiday for the travel industry this year, it is also being labeled as the priciest holiday as well. From hotels to plane tickets to food, the price of everything this holiday has increased drastically in 2022. Fuel prices are soaring, meaning that price hikes for all travel this season are inevitable. With increased travel demand and travel numbers back to those of pre-pandemic times, tickets are selling out quickly for the holiday season.


If you’re set on traveling for Thanksgiving and are looking for the best deal, here are some tips for securing your holiday travel and making your trip as smooth as possible.

The best times to travel for Thanksgiving?

Consider flying on Monday, November 21st, or on Thanksgiving Day. Many travelers are looking for flights the day before Thanksgiving or on the weekend, meaning crowded, overbooked planes. Searching for flights that depart earlier in the day lowers your risk of cancellations and delays - and even gives you the opportunity to rebook a flight for later that same day if something were to go wrong.

The best time to book a flight for Thanksgiving travel?

Now. It’s been proven that last-minute flights are more expensive than those booked weeks before travel. But if you’re looking to book a flight a week before your travel date vs. the day before - your best option is to book sooner than later.

Want to travel for Thanksgiving, but don’t want to visit your extended family?

Consider traveling overseas. In countries such as France, Italy, and Spain, you can find some great last minute travel deals since Thanksgiving is a (primarily) American holiday. Europe isn’t a popular destination during this specific holiday, meaning more flight availability.

The best way to save on Thanksgiving travel?

Be flexible with your travel dates, airlines, and even airports. You may have better pricing flying with an alternate airline, one day after you originally planned, from a different airport in your area. Go over all these options with your travel booking experts, like The Flight King, in order to find the best deal on your holiday trip.

Are you prepared to tackle booking a trip during the busiest travel week since the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us help you manage your travel, so you focus on everything else. Reach out to The Flight King for price quotes on your upcoming holiday flights!


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