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Airlines With The Best First Class Perks

Welcome to the world of luxury travel, where flying first class is the ultimate experience of comfort and convenience. If you're a frequent traveler, you know that the perks of flying first class are unrivaled, from the spacious seats to the gourmet meals and personalized service. In this article, we'll explore the best flight perks when flying first class and show you why this type of travel is so coveted.

If you're interested in booking first class airfare for your next trip, you'll want to work with a travel agency that specializes in luxury travel, such as The Flight King. Their expertise and connections with the world's leading airlines make it easy to secure the best seats, deals, and perks for your first class travel experience. So, let's dive into the world of luxury flying and discover which airlines make first class truly exceptional.


Best First Class Amenities, Ranked By Airline

#5. Emirates

Flying on Emirates first class may just be one of the most desired in-flight seating there may be. Winning the title of the “World’s Best First Class 2020,” Emirates sets the standard for luxury in-flight service. Customers of The Flight King especially love the first class seating on Emirates since they are known for their privacy, having enclosed doors. The airline provides complimentary amenities such as luxury toiletries and binoculars to view the landscape outside of your window. This suite has ample storage space with closets to hang any important items. The flight crew is attentive to your every need and can even be reached via video call, where you can receive immediate assistance and place an order without the wait of having someone come to your seat. With an extensive menu, first class travelers are able to dine at any time they please. When time to rest for the evening, in-flight crew will personally assist in making your bed arrangements and ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The Emirates experience does not stop at your flight. Once landing at the airport, a personal chauffeur will drive you to your final destination in a luxury vehicle model.

#4. Singapore Airlines

With Singapore Airlines, your every need is handled, which is why it is a favored airline of The Flight King travelers. From the food to service onboard your flight, your experience can be compared to one of luxury. Setting themselves apart from other airlines, Singapore’s famed first class includes travels on their double-decker Airbus, in which provides travelers with a private room opposed to open seating. The suites are fit with standalone beds, unlike traditional first class seating where your seat is opened into a bed. With the option of a single or double bed, this seating is compared to being in a hotel room. The suite is fit with a closet for storage, two televisions, motorized window shades, and personal vanity mirror. Another perk upon Singapore Airlines flights are the luxury bathrooms provided for first class travelers, filled with luxury travel toiletries and pajamas to prepare for sleep.

#3. British Airways

One of the most desired first class experiences by The Flight King clients is by British Airways. Flying first class allows you to skip lines with dedicated check-in desks and expedited security. Prior to boarding the plane, the luxurious experience includes access to premium departure lounges that allow you to rest prior to your long haul flight. Allowing up to 3 bags and a personal item on board, British Airways makes bringing your luggage easy. With their AirPortr door to door service, customers can have their bags picked up from a chosen location and checked in for them, allowing the opportunity to travel luggage-free. Once onboard, travelers find themselves secluded in their own private suite with a 15 inch entertainment screen. A welcome beverage of champagne is provided while you explore your private suite, including a personal closet and ottoman. British food ingredients are sourced for a signature dining experience, where travelers are able to dine at any time when on board a British Airways flight. The inflight staff are attentive throughout your travel and make your bed for you when it is time to rest.

#2. Air France

The La Premiere experience on Air France is customized based on your needs, and is the second top choice of The Flight King clients. If flying from locations in France, a personal driver will drive you to the airport to begin your journey. Upon arrival, a concierge will handle any luggage and you will be escorted to a private check in area. With this service, you will experience an expedited security check and will be escorted to the La Premiere lounge to relax. When it is time to board the aircraft, a vehicle will bring you from the lounge directly to the plane and hand you off to the cabin crew to handle your every need. Pre-departure beverages and snacks are provided while you are settling into your seat, along with complimentary items such as a personal toiletries bag, pajamas, and socks. For optimal privacy, La Premiere seating on Air France includes a floor-to-ceiling curtain to give travelers the feel of being in an enclosed room. When it's time to rest, the in-flight crew will turn your seat into a bed and provide fresh linens for your sleep.

#1. Lufthansa

First class on Lufthansa is the top choice for The Flight King, and the experience begins with your arrival. Valet parking service is offered for private cars, along with curbside check-in (when traveling in Germany.) Once arriving at the terminal, you are greeted by your very own personal assistant who will escort you through security and check you into your flight. With a first class ticket, you are granted access to the highly desired first class lounge. After relaxing in the first class lounge, a chauffeur will bring you straight to your aircraft when it is time to board your flight. On board your flight, you are provided with an assigned locker and storage ottoman to place any luggage in to ensure you have the most space when seated. Immediately once seated, an in-flight crew member will greet you with a complimentary welcome drink and pre-departure snacks. Complimentary items provided on the flight include noise canceling headphones, pajamas, and use of high-end toiletries. Once ready, the Lufthansa cabin crew will turn your seat into a bed for maximum comfort.


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