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Light Jet 4 to 8 passenger jets



Built and designed by Cessna, the Citation Bravo remains one of the most popular business jets available. The Citation Bravo offers one of the smoothest rides in its class and is capable of easily managing the worst of weather conditions. With one of the most spacious cabins in the light jet class riders will be comfortable from take-off to landing.

Seating Capacity: 7 Passengers

Hawker 400XP


If time is of the essence, you can rely on the Hawker 400XP to get you there. With a cozy cabin, it is an outstanding choice for a short or medium distance flight. Designed with an oval cabin it provides more shoulder and head space than a jet of similar size. The Hawker 400XP is widely considered to be one of the quickest light business jets and is a great choice for a quick journey.

Seating Capacity: 6-8 Passengers

Beechjet 400


Designed for convenience and efficiency the Beechjet 400 is the perfect jet to get to your destination. The jet is streamlined to meet all of the necessities of private travel. The soundproofed cabin offers a quieter relaxing flight for passengers or hold meeting mid-flight.

Seating Capacity: 7 Passengers

Nextant 400XTi


The Nextant 400XTi is a complete reimagining of the Beechjet 400 and Hawker 400XP. With the most spacious cabin in its class and best in class engines the Nextant is the ultimate light jet flying experience. Offering the latest in technology to provide passengers with Apple iOS device control of the Cabin Management System.

Seating Capacity: 6-7 Passengers

Specifications & AIRCRAFT OPTIONS

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Aircraft Options:

Citation CJ2

Citation CJ3

Citation CJ4

Citation Bravo

Citation Ultra

Citation Encore

Hawker 400XP

Beechjet 400

Nextant 400XTi

Light Jet Specification:

Seating Capacity: 6-7 pax

Avg Cabin Height: 4.8

Avg Cabin Length: 15.8

Avg Cabin Width: 4.8

Avg Max Range: 3.5 Hrs

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