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Heavy Jet 10 to 20 passenger jets

Challenger 650


Replacing the Challenger 605 the Challenger 650 is a 12-passenger heavy-jet. Equipped with upgraded engines the Challenger 650 cruises at 470 knots the Challenger 650 is guaranteed to take you to your destination quickly in comfort and style.

Seating Capacity: 11 Passengers

Falcon 2000LX


The excellent Falcon 2000X is designed to seat up to 10 passengers. Able to deliver stamina, agility, styles, and power the Falcon 2000X is top in its class. Boasting a range of up to 4000 nautical miles the Falcon 2000X will be able to get you to wherever you are traveling.

Seating Capacity: 19 Passengers

Falcon 900


Using the latest aerodynamic technology and pairing it with the most advanced avionics the Falcon 900 is an attractive jet with exceptional performance. The Falcon 900 boasts a large roomy cabin while also maintaining a flight range of 4750 nautical miles. The Falcon 900 specializes in remote locations due to its ability to make short landings on hot runways.

Seating Capacity: 12 Passengers

Legacy 650


The Legacy 650 provides one of the most comfortable rides to its 14-passenger maximum capacity. Able to reach speeds of 537 mph the Legacy 650 will be able to provide its passengers with a quick and comfortable ride be it a national or international flight.

Seating Capacity: 13 Passengers

Gulfstream GIV


The Gulfstream GIV is the next step from the G-II and G-III the Gulfstream G-IV. With a longer fuselage it provides passengers with an immersive view for up to 13 passengers. The Gulfstream G-IV is capable of reaching 505 knots and a range of 4220 nautical miles.

Seating Capacity: 13 Passengers

Specifications & AIRCRAFT OPTIONS

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Aircraft Options:

Challenger 600

Challenger 601

Challenger 604

Challenger 605

Challenger 650

Falcon 2000

Falcon 2000LX

Falcon 900

Legacy 600

Gulfstream GIV

Gulfstream GV

Heavy Jet Specification:

Seating Capacity: 10-14 pax

Avg Cabin Height: 6.2

Avg Cabin Length: 40

Avg Cabin Width: 6.6

Avg Max Range: 8 Hrs

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